Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Proposal to the Feline Masters of the Internet

Okay, you cats. Here's the deal.

Rufus told me about Geoff, and how hot she is. His slave (peon is my name for 'em) provided contact information and Bevie set out to find her. Well, she posted back yesterday (way to go, Bevie, you did something right for a change - now pick me some catnip and rub my feet) and confirmed her hot status. I suggested she might submit herself to be Kitten of the Month.

The more I think of it, the more I like the idea. So how's about we do that? Here are the options I've come up with. Tell me what you think.

Kitten of the Month:
1) Female cats only (kind of sexist, don't you think)
2) Female or Male cats (I lean toward this one because I'm a sexy, rough and tough cat)
3) Female and Male cats (one for each - would this diminish the crown?)

Submissions could be made either by emailing them to me (, or by posting a picture on your blog and submitting the LINK. Some sort of bio should accompany the picture. What would make a good maximum words: 100-, 200-, 300-?

Currently, only three ( 3 ) cats have walked this alley: Myself, Rufus and Geoff. That means we should all have a vote for the January winner (assuming you cats want to do this).

You cats have any thoughts?


Rufus said...

No worries, Firestar. I can be cat of the month every month, I'm that hot.

Firestar said...

I take it you like the idea?


So, what other cats do we know in this cyber world? I've walked with Bevie sometimes. It seems to me some of those bloggers report to cats. Maybe I should take a stroll down those other alleys and send out some "markers" of my own?

talpianna said...

What will the criteria of choice be? If it's just good looks, I'm sure my sister Sethra the Fluffy Bimbo will win easily (at least when she's not wearing her beard for her role as the Mad Monk Rasputin). If it's brains and malevolence, I'm your pussycat!

What about alternating, having a male Kitten of the Month followed by a female one?

Is this going to be a formal contest, with evening gown, bathing suit, and talent competitions? Will we have to write an essay about how we will bring peace and prosperity to the world (for cats, of course--humans can continue mucking things up)?

You might want to take a look at my human's blog, FluffyCatBabylon. Her ideas about "rules" (HAH!) for cats are absurd, of course, but her plans for a Cat Olympics aren't half bad.

--Aliera of the Many, Many Sharp White Teeth

Firestar said...

Hi, Aliera!

Criteria will be determined by us cats here on this blog. I wasn't thinking it should be too strenuous. Even tough cats like to take it cool.

Maybe we could base it on how well we have trained our slaves/peons? It could be part of the text with the photo.

Cat Olympics, huh? I'm going to have stroll over that way and have a look see.

Alternating? I have no problem with that.

Aliera? Female?

talpianna said...

Yes, I'm a girl. My half-sister Sethra and I (we're half meezer and half passing stranger) are named for charactes in Steven Brust's Dragaera fantasy novels. (Since the author is of Hungarian origin, the names probably are too. If you saw VAN HELSING, and noticed anything but Hugh Jackman's bare chest, you might have noted that Dracula's chief bride was called "Aleera.")

I know a hot guy, the Hugh Jackman of cats. He lives in London and is the timeshare pet of an archaeologist known as The Silver Tigress.


Firestar said...

Oh, my!!!!

Just took a look at the link.

Meeooowww! That's a good pin-up.

I'd better not let Bevie see that. Bevie absolutely drools over good-looking cats.

Your name may have a meaning like "high, sublime". If so, then you have an excellent cat name.

Sethra was harder. Could mean "appointed". Also a good cat name.

Have your sister sign in and I'll add her to the Alley Cat Walk.

BBJD said...

Hello, Talpianna. Bevie here.

I just read through your Cat Olympics schedule.

Love the yowling to go out/come in. Why'd you leave off Yowling Just Because?

My favorite is Staring out window at nothing in particular.

I spoke with Spouse and Son. Son was thinking along the same lines as your olympics. Spouse suggested we just appoint winners in the order they enter the Alley Cat Walk.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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