Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cat on a Rail

I wrote some time past about Firestar's fetish with the printer. Yesterday, he was in the middle of gorging himself on breakfast when he heard the first page of our tax inventory print. Whoosh! There he was, watching to make sure every page came out correctly. He knows he's not suppose to play with the pages as they come out, so he finds alternative ways to amuse himself.
Spouse called me and I hurried to take this picture. Firestar is looking at Spouse, for he knows it was Spouse who told on him.
He is standing on a two-inch rail which separates the dining room from the family room. The dining room is roughly three feet higher than the family room, so hence the rail. I don't know if you can tell, but he has all four feet on that rail.


Firestar said...

1. It's hardly a fetish. So I happen to walk by. What's the big deal?

2. I was not gorging myself. Don't give the wrong impression! I'm a cat. I was eating daintily. I just happened to be finished the printer started, and just happened to want to walk that way, and I just happened to be doing my rail exercises.

Don't blow things out of proportion!

fairyhedgehog said...

Such a pretty cat!

Bevie said...

You're just saying that because he reminds you of Rufus. [smiles]

Actually, Firestar looks better and better as he ages. I tried to distance myself from him (having only recently suffered the loss of Baby Boy), but he is just too endearing. Now he's become my buddy. D*mn cat. [grin]

Firestar said...


Lisa said...

What a sweet kitty! I was 'lured' to this blog when I saw 'Bevie's cat avatar' - I'm quite fond of them, my house is run by 5 of them.

My amelia finds it amusing to stick her paws in our dresser draws and pull clothing out all over the floor.
(Not meaning to give firestarter any ideas.)

Firestar said...

Welcome, Lisa. And especially welcome to your cats!

Do I accept your mentioning Amelia as a formal request to join the Alley Cat Walk? I hope so.

Either way, I hope you visit again.

Lisa said...

How sure, add me to Alley Cat Walk, although, Scarlet, Bruiser, Bessie and Tara might be insulted if they too aren't mentioned.
Bessie doesn't like the other 4 cats and probably won't appreciate being mentioned on the same line with them. Over a year and she still hates them - what a shame.

Scarlet, Bruiser, Tara, and Amelia were all feral babies, rescued by a volunteer at the Pat Brody Shelter for cats, my 'job' was to socialize them and I was ONLY planning on adopting 2 well . . . you can see how that went. We did only adopt 2 and 2 weeks later, we adopted the other 2 after I called my husband and blubbered pleading to keep all of them.

(Since I did foster 5 kittens and their feral mother - oh that mother was a real treat.)

Say - Firestarter, being a kitty expect, can you explain why I have FIVE cats and NO one is sitting on my lap? Sometimes I'm tempted to get a dog, but the lack of purring and meowing is an issue with me.

Lisa said...

errr . . . my response disappeared, now I must rewrite!

Yes, please do add us to the Alley Cat Walk, however, Tara, Scarlett, Bruiser and Bessie might be put off if they also aren't mentioned.

Bessie doesn't care for the 4 'others' and sees herself as better and above them, so she might not care to see her name mentioned too close to them.

Bruiser, Tara, Amelia and Scarlett are all litter mates. Once feral. Found by a volunteer at the Pat Brody Shelter for Cats: my job was to foster them and socialize them so they could be adopted. They were 5 weeks old or there abouts.
Well, I adopted 2, but 2 weeks later, after blubbering and pleading with my husband, we adopted the other 2.

A home is not complete without several cats!
(Ok Bessie would disagree and state that she should be the only cat in the house . . . )

Lisa said...

oops, never mind, no need to post this or the second entry, I just noticed the comment that there is a delay in posting.

(My kitty was distracting me)

Firestar said...

Great! Five new additions.

Bessie sounds like she's the boss - or thinks she is anyway.

"A home is not complete without several cats!"

Absolutely. Wait a minute! I'm an only cat.

"can you explain why I have FIVE cats and NO one is sitting on my lap?"

You must want them there. There can be no other explanation.

"I'm tempted to get a dog"

Dog? I suppose they have their use. Drink out of the toilet, and then go kiss Bevie in the face. [mmeeeeooorrrrwww]

Oh. And the reason for the delay in posts appearing is that Bevie has comment moderation turned on. Afraid someone's going to say something nasty, I guess. No one ever has, so I don't get the big deal.

Bevie said...

Comment moderation is turned on so I know there has been a comment.

Silly cat.

Lisa said...

Oh no, what to do?
My Amelia is now sitting on my lap but I need to put dinner in the oven!

Lisa said...

Oh, about Bessie. YES, she DOES think that she's the boss.
Her previous servant, Julie (who died) told me that Bessie didn't want any other cats around.
When Bessie joined our house, I had 2 other cats (Leibchen and Precious - who died at 19 in 2005 and 17 in 2007 in years old) well Bessie tried to run the house THEN even though she was the new comer. They never got along.

She enjoyed 3 blissful days of lording over the house before the feral kittens joined the party.
(Sometimes I think she might have poisoned Precious and Leibchen to make them sick . . . )

Say Firestarter - what are your favorite cat blogs?

Firestar said...

Unfortunately, Bevie still controls the computer and I am restricted to those blogs Bevie chooses to visit. And while Bevie does visit blogs in which cats sometimes show up, Bevie has yet to regularly visit a blog of any worth - i.e. a blog dedicated to cats.

fairyhedgehog said...

You don't have to have comment moderation turned on in order to see comments.

Bevie said...

I thought if I had comment moderation on the comments didn't show until I released them.

Or am I talking about something completely different again?

fairyhedgehog said...

That's true, Bevie, but you said Comment moderation is turned on so I know there has been a comment. so I thought you just meant that you wanted to know when someone comments, not to keep them until you release them. Sorry, my mistake.

Lisa said...

True, if you have comment moderation on you can read comments and decide if they should post or not. However, if your goal was to only be informed that someone posted a comment, you can set it up so that whenever someone post, you get a notification of the post, but the post is automatically added.

Another way to prevent spamming is to use verification.

Bevie said...

Fairy, Lisa: I think you're both right. You'd think someone who used to write software for a living (me) would have at least a mild grasp of the internet and the software used to navigate it. But I don't.

What I like about how I've got it now, though, is that I can refresh my dashboard and see instantly (3-minutes, actually - slow computer) whether there are new comments. As opposed to opening Email, which can take five to ten minutes depending on traffic.

fairyhedgehog said...

I didn't think of that, Bevie. I use gmail and keep a window open, so comments fly in as soon as they're made.

I did use moderation once, after a spammer, but I've only had two spammers in over a year so it hardly seems worth it for me.

Bevie said...

I have a gmail account for Firestar, and I just created one for myself, too.

I've only been blogging for three months, but have yet to receive spam. And no one's talked nasty - except, perhaps me. But I generally try to replace a character or two with a * (d*mn). It's still a swear word, but the nastiness seems diminished to me somehow.

Thanks for the advice, Fairy. I'll try to give this a go. Probably won't get to it until this afternoon or tonight. Got some family stuff to attend to this morning.

Lisa said...

I rather figured that Bevie was concerned what Firestar might be up to, hooking up with other cats and all so she wanted to keep tabs on him.

I'll have to check out the other followers website when I get home tonight. Seems they have kitties too :-)

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