Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chain Yanker

Firestar has been around three times already this morning. He had been down on the fourth level looking out the walkout door. Rabbits like to graze across our lawn just before dawn. Then, when the sun wakes up, various birds have their walkthrough.

But some mornings he will come quietly up the steps and over to where I sit in front of the computer. I learn he is there when he rubs against my legs. Other times he stands in the dining room, which is about three feet higher than the family room where I am, waiting for me to see him. Once I do he comes down the four steps so I can rub his back, beginning at the ears. I put one finger on either side of his head and slowly scratch backward toward his tail.

When he's feeling especially friendly, like this morning, he will put his front paws up on my hip. This is his signal for me to pick him up. I cuddle him up in my arms and he purrs while I lift him to my head. Then, cat-like, I rub my forehead against him. I try to communicate with him using the same methods he uses with me. Doesn't always work. I'm not that familiar with the language. But he shows little interest in learning mine.

Son has taken to doing some of the things, too. Spouse, on the other hand, does not. Spouse insists Firestar learn and understand our language. So when he gets in one of his aggressive moods, it becomes an endless barrage of, "No! Bad! Stop that! I said no!" It goes on ad nauseum. Spouse tells Firestar to knock it off, and he gives a right cross. Spouse tells Firestar he's bad and it's a left jab. Sometimes he bites.

I don't do that. I hiss. I can make him stop doing something without hardly moving a muscle. He can be on the other side of the house. If I see him doing something he's not supposed to do I just hiss and he stops. Sometimes, if he doesn't think he was violating any rule, he will meow at me. Other times (and this is so cute) he will half run away, meowing as he goes. The effect is a kind of vibrating meow which sounds absoulutely pitiful. This usually happens when he is interfering with a print job. He loves to play with the printer.

Firestar is amazing. He has the power to make me feel so loved and wanted. Then, just a few minutes later, he will show me equally how I am about the most useless piece of sh*t in the place. I couldn't get him to come near me if I opened a can of tuna. (I know. I've tried this.) And there doesn't appear to be much of a rhyme or reason for it. It's whatever his mood is.

He knows he has the power, and sometimes he just likes to use it. He's a chain yanker. That's what he is.


fairyhedgehog said...

I think it's called "being a cat".

Rufus is very cuddly but on his terms. I thought I'd got him to stop biting by petting him less and stopping before he'd had enough. Then the other day he was all over me - rubbing his head on my chin, kneading my lap, and biting my chin! I swear he seemed to think it was an affectionate thing to do.

At least Bonnie doesn't do that. She just squeaks at us when she gets lonely. Which is fine if it isn't 4am.

I try to talk cat talk. I do the closing eyes, and looking down and away and all the things I've learnt from our previous cats. I'm not sure Rufus will ever be fully tamed though.

Bevie said...

The rough ones never are, I think.

Mauzzie said...

absolutely loved this post :)

-Mauzzie (Sherkhan's human)

Bevie said...


Lisa said...

shame on spouse for not catering to Firestar!

Yea - fairyhedge has ALSO mentioned Bonnie in the same post - I won't point out that Rufus' paragraph was longer - baby steps.

I've been reading the Warrior series (love it) - Was Firestar's name based on it at all?

Bevie said...

Although our Firestar is not bright orange, the Firestar of Warriors is his namesake. There weren't any other cats close to his color.

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