Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Back to the Cat | Or the Other Way Around

Just came across an old song from an old television show. Both are cute.

Here ya go, Kitties.



Lisa said...

well yuck bevie. This song is basicly about someone trying to get rid of a kitty. Putting the kitting in a canon - OK, I wasn't lauching.
I guess I don't have much of a sense of humor when it comes to cats in what I think is mean spirited.

I did like the next video with the dog jumping around like a crazy thing.

Bevie said...

Sorry about that. I forget that others do not see things as I do (because I don't see what was intended).

There's a love song that makes me think of a horse every time I hear it. There's another song in which the lyrics speak of passionate sex, but when I hear it I think of God. Don't make me explain it. It's really complicated.

I take things from music no one else seems to.

So I apologize for offending you. I'll try to bear that in mind before I post anything of a similar nature.

Thanks for letting me know. A lot of people wouldn't tell me. Thanks.

Lisa said...

I'm on all the mailing list for PETA, MSPCA, ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Shelter, Alley Cats and there are so many stories of abuse . . .
I try to stop reading when I realize it's another heart breaker -but often times I'm locked in the horror.

Sadly, too many actually think abuse of animals, especially cats, is funny.
when children see jokes like this it gives them the wrong impression of acceptable behavior.

I realize I'm overly sensetive, ESPECIALLY when it comes to cat.
Just adore the little darlings.

Spent 5 hours playing with the kitties at the Pat Brodie Shelter for cats.

Bevie said...

You've nothing to apologize for. All you did was tell me you didn't think the video was funny, and why.

I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to tell me.

Lisa said...

Thanks for being understanding.
I'm actually quite vocal - which can make me rather unpopular at times.

I attended a comedy night fundraiser last year for the Pat Brody Shelter.
That day, I found a seriously injured cat on the side of the road. (I and 2 others stopped -isn't that lovely) I took the kitty to the vet and found the kitties owner.
One of the comedians had a 'skit' about 'road kill' and even referred to their suffering. I was SO upset, had to hold back tears as I thought of that little black kitty on the side of the road. Plus, I thought it was POOR material for an animal shelter.

My little cushy (Scarlett - my avatar is sitting with me. She's so cute - just love my babies)

Bevie said...

I know a lot about being unpopular. Just talk to my relations.

No. This blog is for ALL of us, and I want ALL of us to be happy with it. I won't remove the post because the comments are useful and important.

But I want the blog to be fun. My mistake was in forgetting how I receive humor. Especially from music. I do not use the entire song to be amused.

What I was struck by was the phrase, "The Cat Came Back". In my head I saw the games we have played with Firestar, Baby Boy, and B.J.Honeycat in the past. If you were to ask me anything about the rest of the video I couldn't tell you. In fact, I don't know the words to the song beyond, "The Cat Came Back".

But I am odd that way and I need to be more careful on a blog which is not for me alone.

I am so happy you called me on it, though. Historically, people just get angry and fade away. Then I am left to wonder for the rest of my life just what it was I did to send them off. Now I know to be more sensitive regarding the things I choose.

Thank you for remaining part of Firestar'sAlley Cat Walk.

Wasn't much of a cat fight, was it? (That was funny, right? [hopeful smile])

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