Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Comments for June Kitten of the Month

Sethra, who owns Talpianna, is the June Kitten of the Month. Sethra comes with a darling exchange with her housemate, Aliera.

The Kitten of the Month Archive has been updated, too.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lazy Days

We've successfully emptied a couple of rooms now. The play room is mostly emptied. What remains is a mattress and a sleeping bag. Firestar found the sleeping bag and decided to play camp out. He crawled inside and popped his head back out. Then he fell asleep.

The other day Son was making a stuffed bunny dance about. Firestar found it interesting.

Ane here is the bunny.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Easiest Way to Use a Treadmill

So once again I go down to the fourth level (sounds like something from a video game: You have now reached the fourth level!) to weigh myself this morning and what do I find - Firestar in the middle of the room, sitting like he's waiting for something - or someone. It isn't me, because he hardly gives me any notice. Just enough to let me know he'd rather I ignore him. Didn't have the camera with me at the time, but I returned and found that while he had shifted position, he was still waiting.

I think it's for rabbits. There is a warren of them nearby and they like to come to our yard where the play area used to be and eat grass and clover and such. Sometimes they come right up to the house. Possibly, Firestar is waiting for them to get close to the door so he can play the big "boo" on them. As long as he doesn't smash his face in the process.

Since I was down there with the camera I took a couple of shots. Son had taken some a couple of days ago, too. Here they are.

I appreciate you all doing this for me, but really, Bevie, when are you going to make your bed?

Now don't go ruining anything. I've got a plan.

Ah, shucks, Bevie! I knew you'd ruin it. Bunny's gone now.

Well, since you're here, why not get on the treadmill and walk? C'mon, it's easy. I'll show you. Lose that weight.

See? It's easy. Now, if I can just figure out how to turn the dang thing on.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Zoo Update

Made a return visit to Como Park. Got some more pictures for Firestar's Virtual Image Zoo (see link upper right corner on sidebar). Wolverine submitted some pictures, too.

Right now, most of the images are from animals already in a zoo. But there are a few "wild" pictures, too. Give a look see, but block out some time. There are nearly 100 images now - 55 loaded in the past 24-hours.

If you have any photographs you/your children/spouse have taken and would like to make part of Firestar's Virtual Image Zoo, just email them to: firestarthecat@gmail.com

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pranks, Purring and Playing Rough

Our garage sale is over. Officially. Unofficially, a few people have showed up anyway and bought some things. We made nearly $100 without being open.

But Firestar has not been a happy kitten since we shut the garage sale down. He had got used to going out to the garage and sitting in his kennel cab and watching everything. Now we don't spend time in the garage so he doesn't spend time out there.

The other day Spouse left for work and Son left to visit. When the door closed, leaving Firestar inside, I thought someone had come in and was beating him to death. Such a commotion. I called from where I sitting and said I wasn't going anywhere either. Silence. Then he shows up at my side and we commiserated together.

Sometimes Firestar and I are good buddies. Other times he seems to go out of his way to make my life - interesting. He likes to play with my shoes. My shoes. Not Spouse's shoes. Not Son's. My shoes. What he does is stuff his fluffy toys into the toe area. That way, when I put my shoes on, my foot gets uncomfortable. With my feet now numb it can be a long time before I realize what kind of discomfort is being put on my feet.

With warmer weather I have been wearing sandals more and more. Firestar has tried his fluffy toy thing with them, too. Fortunately, I'm not likely to get caught with this prank.

Not bad in a sandal, but try walking around all day with one of those tucked inside your shoe.

He was chewing on my stockings the other night. What he wanted was to play. Before I knew it I had a raving lion at my hands, trying to tear the stocking away. Firestar bites hard when he plays. So I took the stocking and stuck it on his head. Son thought it was funny and snapped a photo. Firestar thought it was - something - and bit me thoroughly. I tossed the stocking away and suggested we calm down and sit quietly. So he lay by my side (not a lap cat) for about twenty minutes and then walked away.

He likes to play rough, and he interpreted the stocking on his head as a go-ahead for all out play. So he got quite rough.
When he got especially viscious I pulled it down. Mistake. That made him mad. So I took it off and apologized.

We're good buddies, although I cannot say I have ever had any other friend bite me.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Culture Lesson - Class #1016

It's time to return to real culture.

The information for this post has been taken from this site.


(picture taken from this site)

The Javanese cat breed has originated from Siamese cats. This bree
d was developed by breeders who wanted to take the qualities of the Siamese and alter the coat and colors to their liking. One of the foundation cats of the Javanese breed was created by crossing a Balinese to a Colorpoint Shorthair. The outcome was a cat with all the characteristics of a Siamese but with a longer coat length and a color outside the basic four (i.e. seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac). These cats with colorful longhairs were recognized by the CFA in 1987.

Javanese are medium-sized and have fine bones and firm shoulders. They have a long, silky coat, which comes in a range of colors. These cats have coat style resembling to that of the Balinese. These are pointed cats though fall outside of the typically known point colors seen in Balinese cats. Javanese are also known as colorpoint cats, considering odd or rare colors, like red or white, and patterns, like tabby and tortie. Though the Javanese are almost identical to Siamese, the major difference lies in the color schemes and hair lengths. As compared to the Siamese, the Javanese have softer lines and less extreme body type because of the longer hair.


Like their Siamese relatives, these cats are very intelligent and talkative Javanese are curious, intelligent, excellent communicators and playful. They have a fascination for food and love high places. They are very talkative and have loud voice. Javanese are responsive and interactive in nature and thus, are easy to train. Javanese cats usually love to play, and are noticeably good at jumping. Like the Balinese, Javanese are also quite vocal and will "talk" for no particular reason.

Genetic Defects

Since Javanese are directly related to Siamese and Balinese cats, they might suffer from some of the similar genetic defects. Though these defects are bred out of the active lines and are becoming infrequent. They are very social cats and love to be around their owner. If they are left alone frequently, they can become depressed. The Javanese also have a tendency to become overweight if they do not receive enough exercise.

"Talk for no apparent reason". Sounds like humans.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Firestar's Compromise

Been having a massive garage sale. There are dozens more across our little town. This week has been Carnival Week. They call it, "City Days". We've attended none of the festivities. Too exhausted.

It's been a good week for Firestar. He's been outside a lot. True, he has been outside in his kennel cab, but he's happy with the compromise. (He would like to roam free.)

When he is in the garage with us he is frequently the center of attention. People who come with no intention of buying anything (why are they here?) will fuss over him. Several have offered to buy him. Spouse always says he's not for sale. I take a different approach. I tell them, "He's quiet now. That means it will cost you $5,000 to buy him. When he starts meowing the price starts to drop."

A man with two young boys came by, making sarcastic comments about all of the things he could buy. He ended with, "and a free cat". I corrected him with my $5,000 price tag. The boys knelt by the cat and wanted to know if I was serious. I said I was. They rushed to their dad, impressed that they had just seen a $5,000 cat. Firestar turned to me and began meowing in his annoyed voice. I told him to hush up. Five thousand dollars is a lot of money. No one is going to pay that for me. He went quiet. (I may have told you this before. Told it to someone. My old brain just can't remember who.)

Yesterday we did some rearranging and Firestar got the premiere position in the center of the garage doorway. He got to see everyone who came, most before we did. He was quiet all day. Son taught him that when he meows too much he goes back into the house. So he saves his cries for those times when he wants to eat, drink, use the facilities, or just stretch his legs. Then he rushes back to his kennel cab and waits inside for one of us to see he's ready to come back out.

He's probably going to be all upset with us when we quit going out to the garage to sit.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Images in the Zoo

Got some new pictures posted on Firestar's Virtual Image Zoo. Spouse, Son, and I went to Como Park, which is a small zoo/amusement park/park area in St. Paul, MN. If you stay near the gardens you'll find it quite peaceful. Gets quite hectic around the amusement park.

Anyway, I put up maybe a couple dozen pictures. Adjusted the naviagtion, too.

Anyway, Firestar is unhappy with us. Not only did we leave him alone to take this venture, but we haven't been going outside to do our garage sale for several days in a row now. He's enjoyed sitting out there with us. What he doesn't understand is that we - not having any real fur - find it too frikkin' cold! And it's been raining.

He's napping now. Tomorrow he'll get outside again.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Showing Off

We took down Son's bed today. He outgrew it years ago, but we couldn't afford to buy him a new one. Now we're selling the frame and he'll have to sleep on the floor like Spouse and me.

Anyway, Firestar was curious about the activity and decided to demonstrate his skills. He has a fine sense of balance, even if he doesn't have much other sense sometimes.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kitchen Cupboards and Drawers

Firestar can open kitchen drawers. Not the small ones just below the counter surface, but the big drawers closer to the floor.

He taught himself to do this after teaching himself how to open the cupboard doors. Spouse used to keep his food there. After he was able to open cupboards Spouse put his food in one of the big drawers. After he was able to open that the food went into the laundry room. He's working on opening door with a handle, but he's not quite tall enough. What he needs is a step stool or something. God help us if he figures that out.

Although his food is no longer in the big drawer he will still open it up on occasion to look inside. It's where we now keep cookie sheets, pizza pans, and things like that. He sees me use the drawer often enough that he wants to make sure about what's in there, I guess.

The other day Spouse was at the sink and I was at my computer station. From my computer station I see all of the kitchen. The kitchen is about two-and-a-half feet higher than the family room, where my computer station is, and all that separates the two rooms is a wooden rail.

Anyway, Firestar goes to the big drawer and begins working it open. Takes him about a minute. He jumps inside to make sure all of the pans have to be rewashed. Then he hops out and walks over to Spouse as if to point out the fact that there isn't anything of value in the drawer.

Spouse talks to him, bragging him up for being so clever about opening the door. He struts and purrs. Then Spouse looks at the drawer.

"Hey! You left it open. Close it when you're done."

Firestar immediately responds with his angry meow.

They don't take orders, you know.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Culture Lesson - Class #1015

Culture time again. It's been awhile, but I've not forgotten to keep humans abreast of what's important: cats.

The information for this post has been taken from this site.

Cornish Rex

(picture taken from this site)

Cornish Rex is domestic cat breed. This breed of cat has no hair except for down i.e. like as most of the cats, Cornish Rex breed of cat do not have outer fur and awn hair but they have a simple and thin about 1 cm long undercoat. Despite having only a thin undercoat, they are found in variety of coat colors and patterns. White, black, chocolate, orange and dilutes of blue, lilac and cream are few colors in which you can find a Cornish Rex. They are also found in all kind of tabbies from classic to mackerel and ticked to tuxedo. They have been accepted as an original breed by all the cat associations except TCA.

The origin of this breed is traced back to Cornwall. These cats are said to be a natural breed was created as a result of a spontaneous natural mutation, which occurred in non-pedigree cats in Cornwall, England in 1950. Serena, a tortie and white short hair pet cat gave birth to five kittens in 1950, out of which four were entirely normal. The fifth kitten was however formed with curly coat and whiskers. This kitten named Kallibunker was the first ever seen Cornish Rex breed cat. He was then bred to his mother to produce two other kittens similar to him. Later one of the female kitten produced by this cross was brought to England and breeded with Siamese breed. All the Cornish Rex present today are the successors of Kallibunker.

Cornish Rex is long and slender. The shape of its body is gently curved throughout its outline. Their size varies between small and medium. They are also very soft. They have very large ears and their coat comprises of very short hairs, very close to their body. Their head is egg shaped and their cheekbones are prominently high. Their face is distinguished by their hollow cheeks and high-bridged Roman nose and strong chin. Cornish Rexs have a small waist but very fine long legs. Despite their slender body types, they are extremely well-built and muscular. They also have long, slender and flexible tapering toward the end. An adult Cornish Rex weighs around 5-9 pounds.

Cornish Rex are said to be very affectionate, friendly, alert and people-oriented breed of cats. They are said to be one of the most attractive and interactive breeds amongst cats. They are very active, even at the age of 15 years; they behave as if they are 15 months old. They are also very curious, so in case you are planning to get along with a Rex, it is always suggested to make your home cat proof first. They are very lively and love to indulge in jumping and getting nosy with others.

A cat proof home. Is there such a thing?


Music to Make the Cats go Wild

Just a love song.

Musical Cats

Our Theme Song

Kitten of the Month - August

Kitten of the Month - August
Tara - Nick name 'ity-bit' because she's so tiny - just over 6 pounds. She's the most skittish of all my babies and even when being petted has the 'pet me, no don't pet me' look

Kitten of the Month - July

Kitten of the Month - July
Amelia - Nickname 'Bratelia' since she gets into every draw, cabinet that she can put her paws in.

Kitten of the Month - June

Kitten of the Month - June

“She’s got tuna. I know she’s got tuna.”

“Shut up, Sethra. Stay on mission.”

“What’s the mission? I thought the mission was to get tuna.”

“No, you stupid fluffbrain—it’s to escape and become outdoor cats, walking by ourselves, on our wild lone, waving our tails.”

“Oh, yeah? And isn’t it you, my dear stripy sister Aliera, who keeps pushing the FEED button on the printer and waiting for tuna to come out?”

“That was when I was much younger. Anyway, she’s at the computer—yes, eating tuna casserole—so we can go into the bedroom and see if we can knock the window screen out.”
“You do it, Aliera. I’d rather mess with her stuff.”

“Will you GET OVER that fixation on her wristwatch?”

“I like the feel of the Velcro on my paws. Hey! That reminds me. We’ve been declawed. How are we going to survive as outdoor cats?”

“New plan coming up….”

“What’s the big deal about being outside cats? Even StalkerCat, who used to hang around and chat us up, is a house cat now and loving it. We’ve got it made—food, petting, toys, valet service for the litter box, and we get to sleep on her bed twenty hours a day. And we can stick our noses up to the window and smell anything interesting going on outside. Why ruin a perfect situation?”

“Sethra, have you no sense of adventure? No curiosity? No cattitude? We were meant to live wild and free, to stalk and slay our prey, to be mistresses of the night!”

“Look, we’re cats. We were meant to rule the world, but that doesn’t mean we have to WORK at it. You can if you want, but I don’t need to. After all, I’M beautiful!

“Did I mention she’s got tuna?”

Kitten of the Month: May

Kitten of the Month: May
Kitten Close-Up.

Kitten of the Month: April

Kitten of the Month: April
At 8, you'd think Mikey would understand that he's a carnivore. But, no, he's rather fond of the shrubbery! At 20+ pounds, the veggie-enhanced diet is likely mitigated by a love for long naps on a warm comforter, wet cat food, begging at the table, and a nice lap to drape himself upon in the evening. And he drools when he's happy, which may or may not mean there's a Siamese ancestor lurking in the old dna.

What? Green teeth attract mice!

Kitten of the Month: March

Kitten of the Month: March
Who needs a wickerwork basket when you can hop on a cushion and bask?

Kitten of the Month: February

Kitten of the Month: February
Rufus is clearly a cat to be reckoned with.

Kitten of the Month: January

Kitten of the Month: January
Firestar is a tough cat. He has to be, living in Minnesota. He takes care of his family: wife, husband and their son. This was recently proven by his daring capture of yet another mouse in the house. Foolish rodents. They never learn. When not engaged in derring do, Firestar naps, looks out the window and sleeps. Firestar was born in April of 2006.